Wednesday, July 18, 2018
LSA Demos

Considering the purchase of an LSA? Come fly a leading LSA and see why it has become a true world class light sport aircraft. Besides its elegant & sporty good looks, it is one durable and great flying aircraft! Contact us for further information.

LSA Sales

Whether you desire personal or cooperative ownership, Vector Sport Aviation can assist you in achieving your dream of aircraft ownership. Beautifully engineered, skillfully constructed, yet with low operating costs, our LSA sports luxury and is a delight to fly!


Such fun! This could be you! Minimize

Picture yourself owning and flying a beautiful new aircraft!

New owner Richard Ahart flying N306SC @ KFCH in California - photo credit David X. Bonnar of Vector Sport Aviation


Visit VSA at Fresno Chandler Executive Airport (KFCH)
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